Hyderabad-based CrossBorders accelerates startups, SMEs

Market Penetration: CrossBorders is helping global companies tap India market and Indian companies explore opportunites worldwide.

Hyderabad: Hyderabad-based strategic solutions provider, CrossBorders, is helping startups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to scale up by providing them business acceleration, human resource strategy and immigration services. The company which helped the US IT companies to set up base in India all these years, is now keen to help Indian companies which want to spread their business globally, particularly in the US.

CrossBorders founder Subba Raju Pericherla told Telangana Today, “We have helped the US companies which wanted to set up operations in India as a part of their global expansion. India has become a vital market in the last three years for these global companies. We have worked with a New Jersey based healthcare company creating a 40-member team in Hyderabad. We are now working with an US IT services company with a goal to take their business to $10 million-mark in next five years in India, by consolidating their business.”

Founded in 2013, CrossBorders has been providing tailor-made services to companies ranging from mentoring to building businesses, accelerating the businesses with a strategic planning and transferring the business once the organisation is in operational process. The company has worked with 15-16 businesses of different scale, since its inception.

He added, “Though US remains the major market (up to 80 per cent) from where we are seeing companies planning to set up their business in India, we are also seeing a growing interest from companies that are headquartered in Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and the UK. IT is a dominant market accounting for 70 per cent of the business interest. We are also talking to a US-based hotel group.”

CrossBorders which has worked with Indian pharma and solar companies to scale up their business in the country is now helping an electronic home appliances retailer in Vijayawada to improve revenues multifold.

“This year, we want to focus on taking Indian companies to establish their business in the US. We are working with two technology startups in this direction. We have established ties with certain accelerators in the US varsities that will help provide market penetration to Indian startups,” he informed.

CrossBorder Labs
Realising the need to handhold and mentor startups to grow their business, CrossBorders created a business accelerator platform CrossBorder Labs, a not-for-profit initiative.
As a part of this, CrossBorder Labs nurtured and mentored Hyderabad-based StuMagz, an online discovery platform aimed at connecting students, faculty and corporates around India. It also supported Hyderabad-based start-up H-Bots Robotics.
“We also helped hosting August Fest in Hyderabad, a startup festival that brings startups on to one platform. Through CrossBorder Labs, we have supported at least 20 startups in Hyderabad alone,” he informed.

Other avenues
CrossBorders is also facilitating investor visas since last one year. It has already helped about 12 high-net worth individuals (HNIs) who wanted to invest in the US get investor visas.
He added, “There is a growing opportunity in investor visa services. In the next one year, we will work with more HNIs and expand out footprint in this segment