Humanity makes people step up efforts 


Ever since the lockdown has been imposed to prevent the spread of the pandemic, Covid-19, a lot of people have been struggling to make the ends meet — especially when it comes to finding some food and shelter. However, as always, Hyderabadis have proved — yet again — that they are kind and humane, and don’t spare any effort to help those in need.

While celebrities show solidarity by pledging huge sums as donations, the NGOs and individuals in the city have come up with various charitable activities. The NGOs have taken up a major responsibility of feeding the needy, the homeless and even the stray animals, while individuals in the city are leaving no stone unturned to help people in their own way.

There are those who are distributing packaged food while others are preferring to give dry ration like raw rice, dal, oil and vegetables, among others. People were also seen supplying mealboxes and sanitisers, besides urging them to stay safe by sharing safety measures and precautions to be taken.