Hum aiseich hain…

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There are a few things only a true-blue Hyderabadi will understand. Those who are new in the city will struggle initially with the lingo and everything else. And not knowing Hindi/Urdu will add to your woes. Not that it helps if you’re a fluent speaker of either language. What we speak here is Hyderabadi – in our own unique style. 

But, to make it a bit easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of things that Hyderabadis will relate to and say ‘yes, so true!’

We’re the Nawabs
Of course, we are – don’t we all have the Nawabi blood in us? While we give our life for someone who is our jigrijaan, we don’t spare anyone who troubles our friend(s). And half of Hyderabad is apna very own.

Lazy we are, so what?
We do laze around a bit, but don’t brand us lazy. It is part of our tehzeeb… so just chill, guys! If we said we will do something parson, we’ll do it. Just don’t keep pestering us with your ‘which parson?’

Our lingo is our pride
If you don’t understand what we mean by hau, nakko and kaiku, well, you need to learn. When you’re in Rome, learn to be a Roman! Arrey mama, hum aiseich bolte… ab baingan ka baataan nakko karo tum (aye dude, we speak like this only… now stop talking gibberish).

Unique bunch
We’re a unique bunch of people. There are no two ways about it. We put everyone and everything else before us and our work – we rush to the accident spots either to help or to watch the tamasha. We’re there either way, aren’t we?

Old world charm
To start with, our food is awesome (but that’s a different heavenly story). Move over the Taj Mahal, our world starts and ends with Charminar. Okay, maybe ends at the Golconda Fort. But whatever it is, the charm of our city can never be taken away from us.


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