How to serve a perfect cuppa


When you have guests at home, how you serve them is as important as what you serve. If you have sent an invitation to someone to join you for evening tea or coffee, or the guest gives you a sudden surprise, make sure that your kitchen houses required materials.

Ask their preference

Different people have different choices, so you must ask them how and what would they like to have their beverage. Keep brown, white sugar and sugar substitute handy. You should even ask whether the guest’s preference in tea is strong, weak or medium. The best thing to do is keep the sugar in a separate bowl or plate beside the tea cup and let the guest mix the required amount of preferred sugar.

Check before serving

There is no harm in tasting the tea or coffee before serving. It will not only save you from embarrassment but would also not spoil your guest’s mood. Also check the cups, glasses, saucers and plates whether they are in perfect condition or not, and then serve.

Arrange for snacks

Always serve something to munch on along with tea and coffee. As some prefer spicy snacks, and some sweet, make both the options available on the table. It would be better if you ask your guests what they like and if it is available in nearby stores, get them too.

Pick up respective crockery

Do not goof up while serving. Always pick right cup for coffee and right cup for tea. Never serve water in a wine glass and snacks in a saucer. That creates a bad impression.