How to dust, clean & store your beauty tools well


In your attempt to do your makeup well, having a fine set of beauty tools is essential. But, what most of us miss out on is how to take care of the brushes and cosmetics. With a few beauty tool hacks, you are in for a sustainable and healthy usage of your beauty accessories.

Where to store them?

Especially during summer, you might find your lipstick melting and your creams a bit watery. Most cosmetics come with a label that says that the product needs to be stored in a cool place. So, make sure you follow the instructions; otherwise, you might just shorten their shelf life. The alternate way to safely store them is in your refrigerator. If not, just make sure that they are kept away from electronics that will generate heat and are always stored in room temperature.

Cleansing makeup brushes

There are different kinds of brushes and they all need to be taken care of differently. A not-so-well-groomed brush can lead to skin blemishes and can spoil its condition. Therefore, keeping your brushes away from other cosmetics in a bag can add to the maintenance of the bristles, and cleansing it once every week is expected. You can wash your brushes using a mild shampoo once a week to keep them in shape, and hygienic. You can also use a spray sanitiser to keep them clean for everyday use.

Sponge tour

Another makeup essential that needs a lot of your attention is the sponge. Makeup sponge is a beauty tool used on a daily basis. and carrying out its cleansing procedure with warm water, mild shampoo or soap, and allowing it to take its time to dry is important. You can repeat the cleansing after every few uses.