HMRL commuters are advised to use passenger emergency alarm

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Hyderabad: In case of a medical emergency while travelling in Metro Rail services, a passenger can contact the train operator by pressing the Passenger Emergency Alarm.

In an advisory issued here on Sunday, the HMRL Managing Director, NVS Reddy said if alerted, the train operator will advise the staff at the next station, which is just a minute or two away, to assist the commuter in need of medical attention. Required measures such as first aid or also arranging an ambulance to shift the commuter to nearest hospital if needed, could be taken up.

All the Hyderabad Metro trains are equipped with first aid kits in both the driver cabins i.e., in the end cabins. When an ambulance is called to the next station, train will be stopped at that station for a longer time, till the patient is safely disembarked, Reddy said.

All stations are also equipped with first aid rooms which have stretchers, wheelchairs, fire blankets, white bed sheets and the first aid box, he added.