High on fashion


Want something to pair up with beach wear, shorts and jeans or just wear it as a one piece. Now-a-days, there is only one thing that comes to our mind and also it is the one that is trending in online portals, brand stores and even in boutiques. Yes, it is Kimono which comes in different styles, length and fabrics to compliment your attire.

fashionThe beach look

If you plan to take a holiday break at beach side, far away from the monotony? Then, you have kimono as an option to add more spark to your beach wear. Shravya Varma, a Hyderabad-based stylist says, “I find kimono the best, when it is paired up with the beach wear, the swim suit or bikini. It is an add-on to the cool and leisure look.”

The short pick

So, this one is when you want to pair it up either with your shorts or jeans and feel so classy. “The short ones go well with denim shorts and many of the girls follow this style. One more advantage of wearing short kimono is that you can tie it up, which will simply look like a one piece,” says Shravya.

The boho chic

“The boho chic is something that can be worn with your jeans, shorts or anything that goes well with the kimono. The long ones are the most favourite pick, as it is summer and many love wearing loose clothing, so it is a favourable choice they have,” the stylist adds about the boho style.


It totally depends on the person and body type. If one can carry the flowy clothes well then the Kimonos will look best.