Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Here’s what countries around the world prefer to drink along with their meals

Giving insights into what people drink, a study has reported substantial differences in the beverages consumed by different demographic groups in 185 countries. The study will be presented at the meeting ‘Nutrition 2019’ in Baltimore.

“These preliminary data derived from the Global Dietary Database project can help inform nutrition transitions over time, the impacts of these beverages on global health, and targeted dietary policy to improve diet and health,” said Laura Lara-Castor, study’s lead author.

“Notably, sugar-sweetened beverage and fruit juice intake was highest in the Latin American region, where both commercial and homemade sugar-sweetened beverages and fruit drinks are widely consumed,” said Lara-Castor.

“Milk intake was highest in the high-income regions where dairy farming is more widespread,” The research is based on 2015 data from more than 1,100 surveys representing 6.78 billion people worldwide, along with data on beverage availability and other information.

The researchers found the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages was highest in Mexico, where the average adult drank more than 2.5 cups per day, followed by Suriname and Jamaica, where adults drank nearly 15 ounces per day. The lowest intake was in China, Indonesia, and Burkina Faso.

Fruit juice intake was highest in Colombia (about 1.4 cups per day) and the Dominican Republic and lowest in China, Portugal, and Japan.

Milk consumption was highest in Sweden over 1.3 cups a day, followed by Iceland and Finland.

Within regions and countries, beverage consumption was generally highest among younger people, those who had attained a higher education level and those living in urban areas.

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