Here are some must-watch late night shows


Not everything serious has to be said in a serious way. Easing people into thought- provoking stories is done well by the late night talk show hosts. Using comedy as a tool to get the point across is right up their sleeve. Let us look at a few of these shows that have entertained and touched the audience with its content.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

The host’s take on President Trump and the government officials is hilarious. A video, before Stephen’s monologue, is usually a spoof of a trending topic. This sets the daily show apart from its contemporaries.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

John Oliver’s weekly show recaps all the events over the last week along with one central topic that he chooses to focus in depth. His comedy can be uncomfortable at times but the people sure get what he has to say in the end.

Jimmy Kimmel Live

This show has some funny activities planned for their guests and that engages the live audience as well as the TV ones. Kimmel’s monologues are known for the touching and emotional responses they garner. For instance, the host broke down while addressing the healthcare bill issues and this made everyone emphathise with him.

Apart from the above mentioned shows, Seth Meyers, Trevor Noah, and Jimmy Fallon have shows of equal magnitude.