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Her toes do the writing for Sircilla Rajeshwari

Hyderabad: Physical challenges did not dismay her for she turned to creative pursuits for support. Boora Rajeshwari was born with hand anomalies, which made both her arms non-functional. When she wanted to give words to her vivid imageries and write down poetry, she did not feel disheartened about her hands not supporting, but instead chose to use her toes.
This 38-year-old woman from Rajanna Sircilla in fact already penned 500 poems with her toes. A compilation of Rajeshwari’s works was published and her creative journey with poetry continues to put together more and more works.

Having gained popularity as Sircilla Rajeshwari, her works meander through a wide and varied canvas of life and its ambience. From nature to societal issues to challenges of life, she moulds her thoughts into words and pieces them together.

“My poetry connects me with the world. I overcame my physical challenges and started to write from 1999 with my toes,” Rajeshwari says. “I penned my thoughts on a whole gamut of issues from behavioural changes to contemporary trends in the society.”

Not confining her toes just to writing, she uses them even for brushing her teeth, combing hair and holding a spoon to eat food. “My mother helped me initially. However, I started to depend on myself for my personal needs,” she recalls.

At her native place, Rajeshwari studied in a government school till Class 7 and did her SSC through Open School before completing Intermediate. Born and brought up in a poor family, she was facing struggles from childhood. “Today, I could successfully write and earn a name only because of the support from my parents B Sambaiah and B Anasuya, who work in powerlooms, and my other family members and teachers,” Rajeshwari says.

Recognising her talent, popular lyricist Suddala Ashok Teja met Rajeshwari and collected all her poems and published ‘Sircilla Rajeshwari Kavithalu’ through Suddala Foundation. The Telangana government too came to her aid and provided a fixed deposit of Rs 10 lakh in her name, which now gives her an interest of Rs 5,500 a month.

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