Thinespo: Handcrafted with love

Thinespo at Mechal Highway. Photo: By Arrangement

When you see a ‘Meals Ready’ board, what would pop up into your mind? A road-side dhaba or a typical mess which supposedly serves ‘authentic homemade food’ probably, right? Now, if there’s a ‘Handcrafted’ to go with it, how does one wrap one’s head around it? 

Hang on, we’re not done yet. What if the name of the restaurant is Thinespo? Kind of rude for a restaurant name, isn’t it? Apparently not, as people in Telangana would definitely associate the words thinesi po with a loving entreaty. But there’s a catch here. Nobody is being invited to eat an authentic homemade meal. 

The restaurant’s menu, as first-timers would be shocked to find out, is a complete contrast to its typical Telugu-slang-sounding name. And that’s where the ‘handcrafted’ concept comes into the picture. If you’re looking for annam, pappu, ulavacharu, Hyderabadi biryani, sarva pindi, jonna roti or ragi sankati, stay miles away from this place and stick to the safe haven of your comfort food.

But if you don’t mind getting pleasantly surprised with yummy handcrafted pizzas, pastas and burgers, then this restaurant is for you. Located at Kompally on the Medchal highway, Thinespo treats its customers to some lip-smacking food. 

The wide-ranging fare of finger food, which is finger-licking good, is available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. This is one place that doesn’t disappoint the vegetarians who’re usually disheartened with options available in places touted to be multi-cuisine. 

If you’re in a group, try sampling a variety of things from each section — Zesty Pesto pizza (veg) or Ghost in the shell (non-veg), a Risotto (with or without meat), a Fish to Order or a Lasagna — from the main course, and Stuffed omelette (served with toast and hash browns) for a side-dish.

The must-trys from the Small Pickings section to satisfy those small cravings include The Lord of the Onion Rings and Chicken Nuggets. For a kick, you can even try the Beer battered vegetables. But, the best is yet to come. Arguably the best in town, non-vegetarians swear by Barbeque Chicken burger (juicy chicken breast marinated in Thinespo’s homemade BBQ goodness, topped off with a fried egg – sunny side up). Vegetarians can try the Thrilling tikki burger – a personal favourite – too!

Do make some time to drive down to this out-of-town restaurant for a leisurely lunch/dinner. Open from 9:30 am to 10:45 pm, Thinespo offers more than one good reason to visit — the ambience being one, especially in the evening. A meal for two would come to approximately around Rs 1,000- Rs 1,200.


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