Simpler hacks for a smarter life


Getting the most of what you have is what you need to always look forward to. In order to make this happen, learning a few hacks will always come in handy. So, here’s a compilation of different vlog channels you can subscribe to and always be a step ahead.

5-Minute Crafts

It’s a verified YouTube channel that uploads videos on clothing, cooking, gadgets and homework hacks. They also upload videos on DIYs and they have about seven million subscribers. Enjoy watching some of the student hacks; you might as well want to try how to complete your imposition faster and learn some fun and unique games.

Simple Tricks & Hacks

Simpler hacks for a smarter lifeAnother super cool channel, Simple Tricks & Hacks, will make cooking easier. Learn all the tips and tricks the channel uploads; they will be your saviours.

It has more than 54K subscribers. And, making pomegranate juice without a mixer, separating an egg yolk, and preparing a colourful omelette won’t be a struggle anymore.

The Wrench

Simpler hacks for a smarter lifeThis channel will guide you to live the smart way by enlightening you with DIYs and lots of hacks.

Their gadget hack videos are what you can look forward to. They will not only blow your mind, but make things so much easier.

They have around 207K subscribers and regularly upload videos.

Just a heads up — the hacks they project aren’t so simple but, if you get to learn them, you get to be the cool one! Don’t miss out on their video on how to make emergency portable charger.

Bright Side

Simpler hacks for a smarter lifeNothing will brighten up your day more than starting it will a daily dose of the Bright Side.

The channel has more than three million subscribers and, here, you can browse through beauty hacks (they have interesting beauty hack videos, which will help you save a lot of time and money), fitness tips and tricks, gadgets, and even driving hacks.


Improve your gaming experience withSimpler hacks for a smarter life TheGamer, a channel which has 535K subscribers.

These are not game cheats and codes that will spoil the fun, but it’s more like a helping hand to get the best out of every game you play.

Besides the hacks, the channel keeps its subscribers updated with all the latest news on gaming and reveals the lesser-known facts of different games.