Gravity’s effect on female form


Human physiological studies state that menarche is the beginning of female menstrual cycle and menopause, the cessation, and a mention here of the moons influence on this phenomenon occurring in a woman’s life would sound nothing less than science fiction. But far and very far from it awaits a rude shock for those who were never enlightened on this fact.

The love to learn and venture out to know things in its right perspective is what has made us survive the vagaries of nature. Many things that we learn in order to call ourselves qualified; unfortunately we have to first unlearn the many things that we had learnt and relearn again to understand the greatest ever book in philosophy – life.

Let us take an extract in this regard from Cecil’s textbook on medicine and what he has written on the physiology of medicine in the physiology of menstruation, verbatim:- “The pituitary has an intrinsic rhythm of a small amplitude with a frequency of every two to ten minutes. Super imposed on this intrinsic rhythm is a rhythm caused by the pulsatile release of hypophysiotropic (Stimulating hormone) releasing factors. Rhythms that are shorter than a day are referred to as ultradian rhythms.

The next layer of rhythmicity is the circadian rhythm i.e., rhythms with approximately 24 hour periodicity. These rhythms are usually synchronised with 24-hour period by a periodic environmental cue such as dark-light cycle. The supra chiasmatic nucleus functions as a circadian pace maker and receives light induced electrical impulses from the retina via the retino ophthalmic tract, finally transmitting these impulses to the pineal gland (a gland in the brain which is responsible to induce sleep and sexual functions) where they are converted to hormonal signals, signals for a rhythm with periodicity longer than 24 hours , i.e., an infradian rhythm include the gravitational influence of the moon which gives rise to the menstrual cycle.”

If one becomes humble, a sign of good education, one quickly realises the importance of wisdom in contradiction to intellect. Astrology as a science may be inaccurate, but neither is any other science accurate. The influence of celestial bodies on humans is as old as humans themselves or beyond.

The many physiological mechanisms that occur inside the human body are controlled by the gravitational forces of the moon. In high tides and low tides when tonnes of water could shift from one part to another due to the gravitational pull of the moon, then is it not possible for the human body to get influenced, which predominantly is made up of water. As rightly said, “Science is curiosity organised with a pinch of logical skepticism added”.

A women is considered to be in good health only when she has her periodic cycles regularly which is a branch of the study of the infradian rhythm. But when indulging in an erroneous lifestyle, these three rhythms go astray questioning the integrity of human health. What other proof does weight training require about its integrity being superior to other forms of exercise with gravity working as a chief factor in weight training exercises.

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