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Govt schools tighten grip on retaining pupils

Hyderabad: Tweaking of learning and teaching methods, along with strict monitoring by teachers and of teachers, has helped the primary education sector, particularly in government schools in the State, register a healthy retention rate in 2017-2018.

The retention rate, which in effect means these government schools did not lose students to the private sector, for 2017-18 was 81.65 per cent across the State, with Hyderabad recording the highest retention rate of 101.98 per cent.

According to the annual report of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan for 2017-18 based on the Unified District Information System of Education, the retention rate for girl students was 82.41 per cent whereas, for boys, it was 80.95 per cent. With 53.16 per cent, Jayashankar Bhupalpally district had the lowest retention rate.

Key reforms

Officials say the encouraging rate was achieved through various schemes and reforms initiated by the State government. These include activity-based learning and competency-oriented teaching methods in classrooms apart from special monitoring by teachers to bring back irregular children to school.

Govt schools tighten grip on retaining pupils

School Committees

The School Education Department also constituted school committees to address issues faced by children so as to retain them in the school. The department also took steps for improving the linkage between the school and the community through academic monitoring committees.
On the other hand, to ensure effective teaching, the department imparted training to in-service teachers on using new textbooks and methodologies involved in the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation system.

As for the promotion rate, girls fared better with 96.86 per cent while boys recorded 95.98 per cent. The overall promotion rate was 96.4 per cent. Ranga Reddy district stood first with 104.97 per cent whereas Warangal was at the bottom with 87.44.

High promotion rates

The high promotion rates, in turn, meant that the annual repetition rate of students was low. The repetition rate was nil in 23 districts while the overall State percentage was just 0.07 per cent.

In the upper primary level, the promotion levels were quite high, at 97.36 per cent, with 97.85 per cent girls being promoted and 96.89 per cent boys going on to the next class. Here too, 23 districts recorded zero per cent repetition, with the State figure being a mere 0.02 per cent.
“Some parameters crossed 100 per cent, which is because of migration of students from schools in one district to another or from neighbouring States,” a senior official of the department said.


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