Global star Pooja Kumar makes Telugu debut with Garudavega

Pooja Kumar

After winning the title of ‘Miss India-USA’, Pooja Kumar has started her career as an American actor, producer and model. She was seen in Hollywood films like Man on a Ledge, Brawl in Cell Block 99, Park Sharks, Flavors and many other films.

Being born and brought up in the US has helped her, in a way, to build her career on an international platform. A model, VJ, trained Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi and Kathak dancer, Pooja keeps adding many feathers to her cap.

The actor has debuted into Indian films through Tamil and has acted in around seven films till now. She did one in Hindi and one in Malayalam too, and now PSV Garudavega, starring Rajasekhar in the lead role, will mark her debut into Telugu.

During an exclusive interview with the actor, she shares her personal life and upcoming projects in Hollywood.

Was Garudavega the first Telugu script you were offered?

Yes! When Praveen Sattaru came to me with the complete script, as I was turning the pages and reading, I liked it very much and so I said yes. I played different characters so far and this one was that of a homemaker and also wife of an NIA officer. It was very interesting. I got a chance to show all those little emotions and petty fights which take place between every couple. I am pretty sure that the film is going to be a path-breaking one. I never knew about Rajasekhar and after meeting him, I was amazed to see his passion for acting. He is such a senior actor and still a very humble person.

What’s happening with Vishwaroopam 2?

Shooting has been completed and Kamal Haasan sir is working on the post-production formalities. He is an actor who works for excellence. He wants the best quality of work and always keeps working hard to give his best. Every actor has a lot to learn from him. We are also waiting for the release and I think it will probably be released next year.

You are juggling between New York and India for films and family. How do you cope with this?

Many keep asking me about how I balance all these many careers. Actually, there is nothing to balance because everything is imbalanced. The journey is tough. After getting married, we have to get used to everything. I learnt how to cope with personal and professional life. I am here when I shoot and the rest of the days, I go back to New York. Even when I am not shooting, I keep researching about films. All I want is to make my work better. Acting is my world now.

What are your upcoming projects? Have you signed on any new ones in Telugu?

In Telugu, I am going through a few scripts but haven’t decided any of them yet. In Hollywood too, a few projects are in talks and soon, I will be seen in a Netflix series as well.