Gifts for all those mommies-to-be


Having a baby can be both exciting ad stressful for parents-to-be. While mommy-to-be is bombarded with free advices and people keep gifting her either healthy food or things the baby will need, not many would think of gifting her something. If your best friend is expecting a child soon, here is a list of things that you can get her, which are meaningful, cute and useful.

Pregnancy pillows

Gifts for all those mommies-to-beA full body pregnancy pillow is probably one of the best gifts you can give your pregnant friend. Women have a lot of problems in finding the right position to sleep in during pregnancy, and as the time passes, the problem only increases. This pillow will give support in all the right places, ensuring that they have a good nap time.

Record book

Pregnancy is a very emotional experience, especially for first timers. Give them baby record books so that they can document their feelings and experiences throughout the course of nine months. Keep in mind that these books are different from baby milestone ones. You can also get them a pack of ‘letters to my baby’ cards where they can write to their baby while they are still carrying it, and give it to their child once they get older.

Cute maternity clothes

With pregnancy comes weight gain. While women look prettier and extremely cute during pregnancy, most of them also get conscious about their looks. Gift them cute maternity clothes that include maternity sweaters, printed tops, gownies, socks and everything else you can think of to get their mood up and happy.

Interesting reads

Gifts for all those mommies-to-beWomen have ample free time during pregnancy so you can present them with good reading options to choose from. This is beneficial both for the would-be-mom and the child, as the process ensure that the mother gets required rest and keep her occupied at the same time.