Get crafty with homemade dog toys

Happy pooches

Toys are necessary to keep your dogs happy, active and engaged. But, spending tons of money on them doesn’t have to be. With growing dogs in their teething stage, there is bound to be a vast graveyard of deceased dog toys.

But, there’s no need to throw your money out of the window by investing in new toys every time; all you have to do is take out your scissors and make some time to get crafty.

Here a few toys you can make using old household items such as old T-shirts, jeans, towels or even bed sheets.

Ball tug toy

All you need to whip out this tuggable toy for your furry companion is an old shirt, a tennis ball and a pair of scissors. Lay the shirt onto a flat surface and cut strategically to act as a carrier for the tennis ball. Then, wrap the ball inside two of the pieces. Lastly, either use a rubber band or a small piece of the remaining shirt to cinch the toy together. For a decorative touch, cut what is remained of the cloth into three individual strips and braid together.

Agility jump

For dogs on the bigger side of sizes, this easy-to-make agility jump built out of PVC pipes makes for a great substitute to an otherwise expensive jump structure. The most important part while constructing this object that will not only result in fun but also give your dog extra exercise is to carefully cut each piece in exact measurements.

Interactive dog feeder

Aimed to keep your pooch busy to earn the food that is kept inside, this interactive toy feeds your dog and keeps him or her active while doing so in an attempt to gain food. Though slightly complex to make as compared to other toys, some patience will get you and your pet an entertaining result in the end. Simply grab a PVC pipe and drill holes into it, rough edges of the holes with sandpaper and, then, place PVC caps on each end of the pipe. That’s all for a guaranteed good time.

Happy pooches