George Reddy: The cinematic resurrection of a revolutionary

George Reddy

Movie: George Reddy
Director: Jeevan Reddy
Cast: Sandeep Madhav, Muskan Mahathi, Sathyadev, Shatru, Thiruveer, Abhay Bethiganti, Laxman Meesala

The long-standing desire of thousands of fans, family and friends of George Reddy has finally come true with a full-fledged Telugu movie based on his real life resurrecting him on celluloid.

Given the fact that George Reddy is an iconic figure of Telangana and Osmania University, particularly in the ’70s, director Jeevan Reddy conceived a different idea and gives a cinematic appeal to George’s character, rather narrating the honest tale of George’s struggle, vision and events leading to his death.

The story starts off with a research student (Muskan Mahathi) of an American university digging into the story of student leader George Reddy. As she couldn’t find anything on internet, she decides to fly to India, meet people and students in Osmania University to know more about George’s final years on the campus.

The actual story then begins parallel to Muskan’s research. The camera pans out showing the childhood memories of George in Palghat (now Palakkad), his mother’s hometown in Kerala. And later his college days in Osmania University and how his students days and hostel life shaped him in the latter part of his life.
Kura Raajanna, the role played by Abhay Bethiganti and Dastagir played by Pawan get closer to George (Sandeep Madhav) in hostel. It was here that George won the confidence of other backward students when he questioned the inequality meted out to them in the hostel mess which is followed by a fight sequence.

Incorporating several real-life incidents, the director tries to depict the sensitive issues of that time — harassment of lower-caste students, insecurity of girl students, group politics and student elections on the university campus etc.

But when it comes to George’s life, Jeevan takes some cinematic liberty to portray him on a larger-than-life scale as any other Telugu commercial movie.

Contrary to the character in the movie, George had imposed on himself severe austerity measures during his university life because of his family’s meagre income. After his father’s death, only three years of George was in public gaze before he was murdered in the hostel. Rather than focussing much on the final years of George and events leading to his death, the movie tells the story that is already known to most. The element of a love track with a girl student Maya, played by again Muskan, pulls down the story from telling a compelling tale of the student leader.

The characters of Kishan Singh and Lalan Singh played by actor Shatru and Thiruveer are commendable. Sathyadev essays well the role of student leader Sathya and his brother Manoj Nandam too is impressive with the role of Arjun. Other artistes Yadamma Raju, Laxman Meesala and Jagan Yogiraj too are impressive in their roles.

After the movie ‘Vangaveeti’, Sandeep Madhav has earned a name for sure with ‘George Reddy’. His top-notch acting and the razor-blade fight sequences will remain the highlights of the film.

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