Gear up for fashion this fall


Now that we are moving towards fall and we will soon be looking for warmer clothes, take a look at styles that will be trending for the next few months. From mustard colour to Victorian collars, the fashion quotient is going to level-up. 

Gear up for fashion this fallAnything in mid-length Be it dress, skirt or jeans – mid-length will be the fashion length. Put on your mules, boots and single strap heels if you are not confident about your height.  

High on the neck Turtlenecks are still trending and so here’s another chance for you fashionistas to don it. You can pair it with your suit and tie, or denim jeans and a sneaker. They are versatile, comfy and keep you warm. For the ladies, you also have the option to go for
Victorian collars. It’s vintage and totally a go for a  sophisticated look. Hues to pick The colour of your attire also elevates the whole look. So, when it comes to what shade to pick, you have to be choosy as well as bold. For the coming season, mustard colour is going to be high on demand followed by shades of red, anything metallic and chocolate brown.         

Bigger the betterIn accessories, belts are already having a major moment. Wide belts are a statement accessory that can be worn with skirt, jeans and even over your coat. They simply complete the look and add more depth to your overall look. — T Takuangla Jamir