Fur babies living their best life


With most people working from home due to the coronavirus lockdown, are pet dogs happier to have their humans around 24/7? Are they excited about extra walks and talks? And did we forget extra love and cuddles? Or are the fur babies secretly waiting for their humans to get back to work ASAP?

Akhilan Michael feels his pets are the happiest since they get more attention after the lockdown. “I have two dogs at home… both of them are Boxers (Angel and Tyson). They don’t seem to leave our side. They are always waiting for us to take them for a small walk or play with them. This lockdown is helping me spend more quality time with my family and pets!” the senior accountant at IMS said.

With the lockdown where pet owners are home 24/7, pets can’t keep themselves away from them. “I have a Labrador named Dusky at home. She doesn’t leave me at all for even a second. She follows me around everywhere… including the washroom. She sits outside the washroom and keeps making sounds,” said Mayanka Arcot, Regulatory Affairs, Shiva’s Farma Casa Pvt Ltd.

“For a dog mommy like me, quarantine time is nothing less than a blessing,” said Anees Fatima, Account Specialist, North America, Amazon.

“I never got to spend this much time with my Teddy, Cookie and Kiki (1 Shih Tzu and 2 Lhasa Apsos). Now, the moment I wake up, my 3 angels hop on my bed and start playing with me. Then they sit and watch me work from home and wait for me to take them out for a small walk or play fetch in the house. They sometimes jump over and sit on the laptop or give me cuddles. That said, I am sure they are already suspicious that something is wrong. But they are happy and excited.”

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