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Fuel your wanderlust

With the holiday season in full swing, travelling can get hectic and staying fit can be quite a challenge. However, do not let this be a hindrance. Here is how to ensure you maintain an active lifestyle even when on the go, whether you are trekking on mountain slopes or enjoying the sunny beaches.

It does not matter which part of the world you are travelling to, all you need is determination to follow your routine. These few tips, shared by Varun Khanna, co-founder, Fast&Up, will help you be more productive, explore new places and ensure the best adventures.

Early to rise

The importance of the 6 am club cannot be overstated. Jet lags are not easy to manage but pushing out of the slumber zone will go a long way as one can achieve a lot and the feel good factor of accomplishing a day’s worth before noon will make you thankful for the entire day.

Pack those sports shoes

It is a travel essential and something you must promise yourself to carry on travels so that you will use it! Exploring a new place on foot will ensure you stay fit while also seeing the sights around you! A pair of comfortable walking shoes are also a saviour at airports where you have to walk far and wide just to catch those flights!

The importance of Vitamin C

Having packed all the right gear for that much-desired holiday, it is important to take precautionary measures as weather change may affect health and there are chances of catching the flu! Falling sick is the most common travel hindrance. This can easily be avoided by strengthening immunity.


Always remember to keep sipping while on the go! By carrying your own sipper, it is a great way to save the environment by avoiding single-use plastic. Staying hydrated means much more than just feeling thirsty, especially when you are travelling.

Dehydration affects overall health and puts one at the risk of feeling fatigued and can increase heart rate and one can experience confusion. All of these things can be a recipe for disaster if you are travelling for work and need to be alert or if you are trying to navigate an unfamiliar place on vacation.

To avoid the above, a travel hack that is useful is adding electrolytes to your water. They help replenish all that you lose while sweating and instantly recharge.

Challenge and reward

While travelling and exploring a new place, do not forget to experience new activities, cuisines and everything that will add a memory in your adventure book!

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