Frame those looks that can kill


Eyewear has been undergoing some major fashion experimentations lately. While the trends that swept us off our feet last year still lingers, there is an all new set of styles that has already made its grand entry and is taking down the fashion world, one frame at a time.

Bold and bright

Frames just got bolder in flames of bright colours such as red, pink and purple. Mostly opted by women, these frames add a punch to your entire outfit and give you a remarkably quirky look.
Almost transparent

Five months into the new year and clear frame glasses have not only made it big already, but has also proved it is here to stay. A popular choice among all genders what makes them the most sought-after is the impeccable style it lends.

Edgy & vintage

Golden metal wire frame glasses are the best of retro you can ask for, this year. The thin metal wire is given much attention and detailing to up the elegance quotient. It helps you effortlessly establish an edgy fashion statement on formal occasions.

Redefining neutral

While both black and white shades of the neutral/ nude palette has already been extensively experimented with, the other hues such as grey, brown and beige are what is going to take over the fashion world this year.