Food lovers drool over desi food


Nalgonda: Located on the National Highway 65, Chillies Family Restaurant and Dhaba is attracting food lovers with special Telangana recipes on its menu. It is turning out to be a favourite eat-out place for people who love to munch on some recipes of the region. It offers you mouth-watering dishes like Kadai fish curry, Kadai Chicken, Menthi chicken, Hyderabadi chicken, Natu kodi curry, Natu kodi fry, Menthi and Mutton Gongura. Special Kadai mutton and Kadai chicken curries that are prepared with local ingredients will definitely leave a lingering taste on your tongue.

Varieties of Chicken biryani and Mutton biryani, south and north Indian food and Chinese food are attracting people from other States as well. This restaurant has become a stop-over place for people who travel on the National Highway No 65. This has resulted in leaving the other restaurants deserted.

Vijay Reddy, owner of Chillies Family Restaurant and Dhaba, said that the people visiting his hotel mostly prefer to have Telangana recipes or north Indian food. “We have brought in special chefs to prepare Telangana recipes and north Indian food to ensure that the taste remains the same,” he added.


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