Go for a flavourful gelato


If there’s one thing we crave in summer, it’s, undoubtedly, the ice cream. However, not many of us are familiar with the term gelato. An Italian word used for frozen dessert, gelato is very similar to ice cream in looks, but the difference can be explained by the texture. Ice cream, as the name suggests, is creamier, whereas gelato uses more milk than cream and that’s one reason it has fewer calories and also less saturated fat. Italy deserves a cup for introducing pasta, pesto, pizza and many more, and it has bestowed upon the rest of the world, but nothing can beat a hot summer day like a cup or cone of flavoured gelato as a refreshing dessert.

So, the difference between these two different Italian and American frozen desserts says a lot about the lifestyle of people in different continents. Italians like their frozen dessert gelato to look silkier and dense, and the ingredients used include a lot of milk and limited amount of sugar, which gives it a rich and thick look. Whereas Americans prefer their ice cream to be creamier and consistent. Stored between the temperatures of 7-15-degree Fahrenheit makes it easier to hold stronger flavour, as it becomes more pleasing to your taste buds. And one of the interesting facts is that gelato has more flavours than ice cream. So, here are some very famous flavours you can try on your own to taste the first-ever frozen dessert from the past which is still popular among food lovers who enjoy it for its rich texture and flavour. Here are some of the most popular flavours of gelato: Stracciatella It’s a combination of vanilla with choco chips, so people who love this flavour can enjoy this melt-inyour- mouth dessert. Bacio Hazelnut and chocolate make the best combination. Among all other flavours, this combination is often used in cookies, cakes, frosting and drinks.

Caffe The name itself explains what the flavour is made of; yes, it’s a favourite flavour of most people — coffee. Fragola This flavour is essentially sweet and sour and musky, and from inside, juicy and pulpy, exactly like strawberry. The gelato has the same tangy flavour, so, if you enjoy strawberry ice cream, you will enjoy this too. Mandorla The almond-flavoured gelato can become anyone’s favourite; you might be thinking how a neutral taste can become one’s favourite? Well, we have tasted almond pieces in between our dessert, but something completely made of almonds is entirely a different experience.

Affogato A scoop of gelato with espresso. Every other year, in Italy, an international competition called ‘Coppa del Mondo Della Gelateria’ which means gelato world cup is conducted, and many people participate from different countries like Poland, Morocco, Japan, Spain, and even the United States, but nobody has been able to win the contest. As recent as in 2016, Italy won the competition again.