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Buying the right jeans is a difficult task for many of us. Yet, we love to wear the right one after many trials and alterations. So, here is the guide to pick the perfect one.

All-rounder is the dark
Dark wash jeans are not only satisfactory, but also go with all kinds of outfits.. Pairing a dark wash jeans with a long sleeve shirt will give you a formal look, where as a t-shirt will make you look casual . Always try to avoid jeans with extreme dark borders on black for versatility, as they end up looking harder. Trouser style jeans with a slight boot cut is best to carry off a casual business look.

Light shades for casual
One should pick up light wash coloured jeans for a casual look. Especially the ones that fit in a way to flatter with your figure should be opted to go with the lightest wash. Wearing dark coloured t-shirts or kurtas with ballerinas can make you look much better.

Wear it every time
It is a written rule to try each pair of jeans before buying it. Jeans have different sizes according to their brands and designers have a different perception in their style guides. One pair of flare jeans may only flare out a little, while another pair from a separate designer may flare out a great deal.

Pick the right brand
Investing on the right brand can give your jeans a long life and durability. So always pick out a range of brands and styles to make place into your wardrobe. Try on as much as you can to make yourself look better. It is important to move in and around with the jeans before you decide whether to purchase them or not. You may walk around, sit down, bend over, and jump up and down. At last, set your budget. Some brands can cost you more than others.


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