Fasten your corsets


The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the word ‘corset’ is a visual of Victorian age women, dressed in overflowing gowns and large hats who were forced to put on this body fitting lingerie so that they could conduct themselves in a (very important and highly demanded) poised demeanour. But, things have changed ever since the corset belts have made their epic comeback.

Taking a retro outfit choice and tweaking them slightly to suit the current fashion style has always paid off well. Be it office wear, outfit choices for a party or a dinner meeting, a corset belt is one accessory that gives your outfit a completely new look.

Listed below are a bunch of corset styles that fall in the ‘must-try’ category for many fashionistas

Animal prints

Be it accessories or clothing options, animal prints have made their mark on the minds of the crowd. Taking this forward, the demand for animal printed corsets is fast rising. Spice up your single colour looks with these printed corsets and make heads turn at that late-night party.


Convenient, fashionable and an evergreen part of the trend, that’s denim for you. Be it in the form of jackets, jeans or bags, denims are a constant fixture in our wardrobe shelves. Throw a denim corset over a loose fitting outfit and pull off a trendy look with ease.


Want to add a little something extra to your formal wear? If so, then pleated corset belts are exactly what you’re looking for. They make a subtle addition to your original outfit and therefore, retain the whole ‘formal’ part of it. They also make elegant workplace options and therefore, are a must in your wardrobe.


Pair a tie-up corset belt with your blazer or long coat and turn it into a trendy party outfit or elegant formal attire. Just tighten the corset over your blazer, pair them with matching stilettos or sneakers (depending upon the occasion) with minimal makeup and dark winged eyeliner and you’re good to go.


Most ladies have a soft spot for laced outfits in their wardrobe. Laced corset belts are like a white t-shirt, they gel well with pretty much anything and everything in your wardrobe. Be it a jumpsuit, one piece, trousers etc., a laced corset belt compliments them all.

Retro feels