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Denim jeans
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Denims never go out of style as they are versatile and it’s a great fabric too. Despite that, it’s a little nerve-wracking to go full-on denim. They clash with the fashion rules of pairing our outfits. But, things have evolved and now both men and women can try this style.

Different shades
If you are a first timer, start by pairing denims with different shades. Like wear dark jeans with a lighter shade of chambray shirt. Denim shades can also help you highlight your body parts. “Everyone knows that darker shades give that slimming effect; it can be the other way round too so pair accordingly,” says Mimi, a fashion buff from Somajiguda. What you shouldn’t be doing is bringing denim accessories — bags, hat, watch, and shoes — into the picture.

Dress up
Ladies, feel free to flaunt a denim dress but make sure not to overdo it by wearing accessories from the same fabric family. You can always opt for a different statement heel, white sneakers, backpacks or even a red lipstick.

Denim shorts
For men, it is not advisable to go double denim with shorts. It just doesn’t look right. So, you may want to avoid wearing denim shorts with a denim fabric canvas. But, there are many other ways to flaunt your love for denim.

Go distress
“Distress denim has been a part of high-street fashion and you can seal the look with a denim jacket or a shirt,” says Sayendri Panchadhyayi, a freelance writer and fashion enthusiast. But, mind you, do not go all matchy-matchy — distressed jacket and distressed jeans are a big no.

Denim on denim can utterly go wrong and you might just get fashion trolled. So, let these tips keep you guarded.


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