Farmer run over by truck in Warangal


Warangal Urban: A farmer, who brought cotton to Enumamula agriculture market yard, Warangal, was run over by a DCM van while he was sleeping.

The incident happened in the early hours of Thursday. The deceased, Banoth Ravi (41), is a native of Devaruppula of Jangaon. According to the sources, Ravi brought cotton to the market on Wednesday. However, the market officials refused to purchase it citing high moisture content, and asked him to dry it.

Following this, the Ravi spread his 50 bags of cotton on the market premises for drying. He covered the cotton with a tarpaulin cover from getting wet due to the rain and he too slept under it.

It is said that around 2.30 am, a van arrived at the market. The driver, who wanted to reach a godown, drove the vehicle over Ravi’s produce as he did not find the way to the godown. He also failed to notice the man under the cover.

As the wheels ran over the legs of the farmer, other farmers who heard the cries of Ravi rushed him to a nearby private hospital first and later to MGM hospital where he succumbed to injuries.

Following the death of the farmer, other farmers and politicians staged a dharna demanding justice for the farmer’s family. They questioned the decision of the district administration to not purchase cotton if the moisture content is more than 15 per cent. They demanded ex gratia of Rs 30 lakh and a job for one of the family members.

Congress leaders Gandra Venkata Ramana Reddy and Janga Raghava Reddy, who participated in the dharna, were arrested by the Matwada police.

Meanwhile, Palakurthy MLA Errabelli Dayakar Rao handed over a cheque worth Rs 1 lakh and Enumamula Market Committee Chairman Dharmaraju announced Rs 5 lakh from the Telangana government.