Perfect platform to explore the depths of depression

Photo: Surya Sridhar

Despite the discourse, depression is, somehow, an issue the world is still grappling with. We are still in the process of understanding the nature of this medical illness, so as to come up with a constructive approach to heal the despairing.

An event organised by The Program for Primary Prevention of Sexual Violence, in association with Hyderabad Film Club, served as the perfect platform to address this prevailing issue in an endearingly profound manner. Two films — Sparsh, a multiple award-winning short film, dealing with the topic of child sexual violence, and Kaasav: Turtle, another multiple award-winning feature film, delving into the issue of depression — were screened. Producer of both the films, renowned actor-psychiatrist Dr Mohan Agashe was present on the occasion, and interacted with the audience to further enlighten them on the intention behind the making of the movies and the unique treatment of the topics.

While Sparsh narrated the story of a young guy who violates his niece, the highlight of the story was how the family stood by him to make him understand his mistake so that he never repeats it, and also helped the little girl recover from the trauma.

Kaasav: Turtle, narrated the story of a middle-aged woman, who herself has battled depression, helping a young lad going through a tumultuous phase, to overcome it. Set in the beautiful background of Konkan Coast, the story has refrained from projecting depression as dark, and, instead, adopted a pleasantly emotional approach, which helps viewers understand the concept better.