Exotic alternatives from around the world

Indian Snack

We all need a bit of munching to satisfy our extra cravings. Not that our Indian snack are limited, but trying something different is always fun. Here is a list of quick bites that can overwhelm your taste buds. They are included in almost all restaurant menus, so give it a try if you haven’t.

Sushi Rolls 

The first time you try these rolls, you will feel like throwing it away but eventually you’ll like it. It’s filling, refreshing and has a lot of layers. It’s a Japanese food prepared of sticky rice, seafood, veggies and nori.

Mexican Fajitas

It’s basically grilled meat and vegetables, usually served as taco or wrapped in corn tortilla. Read through the ingredients and pick what you think will calm your cravings.

Exotic alternatives from around the world

Mezze Platter

A variety of Middle Eastern appetisers that come in small portions of dishes like Hummus, Baba Ganoush and pita bread.


Made with layers of flat-shaped pasta, minced meat, cheese and sauces, they are soft, warm and juicy. It’s a cheesy treat and this cuisine originates from Italy.


This fleshy dough filled with veggies or meats are perfect for your quick bites. Served with chutneys and either fried or steamed they are one of our favourite street foods.

Deep Fried Wontons

They are similar to what we call dumplings, but are different. They are smaller in size and are either boiled or fried which is usually served with soups. Make sure to savour them before it gets soggy.


It’s a Japanese dish of battered and deep fried veggies, meat or seafood. It is traditionally cooked in sesame oil; they are eaten warm, crispy and less greasy. Ebi (shrimp) tempura is one of the most loved.