Engaging students through ‘flipped classroom’


The global lockdown due to Covid – 19 pandemic has brought forth a new challenge of connecting on the online platforms. Teaching online teaching is now the new rule of the day.However, students may sometimes find it difficult to assimilate the teachings.

There is a dire need to present the teachings in an easy way for the recipient students to first understand and then easily consign to memory. The Flipped Classroom is a methodology that is very useful in this kind of a situation.

In the flipped classroom, the opposite of traditional teaching occurs. Students engage in learning the content outside the classroom (maybe on online platforms) and then apply that learning in the formal class or during the online lectures. Quite opposite to what traditional classrooms are.

Teachers prepare the reading material, online videos, pre-recording lectures etc. and post them online for students who then prepare from these before they attend the next formal class.

Features of flipped learning

• Interactive
• Blended Learning
• Powerful Aid to students who miss class for any reason
• Archived
• Engaging
• Personalized

Why flip classroom

• More effective use of ‘In-Class’ time or Online Classes
• Multitude of free material and media available
• Not costly or complicated

Impact on Students:

• Help busy and struggling students
• Can increase student/teacher and student/student interaction
• Self-Paced learning and focus on skills and outcomes

 Assessment of Learning:

• Students demonstration in the class
• Research Presentation, Creative Expressions (Painting, Coloring, Writing, making Craft/Music)
• Quiz/ MCQ based learning

~ Sona Guha (DPS, Mahendra Hills)