Emotional health crucial for happiness


Sadness, fear, anger, jealousy, longing and craving are few of the commonly felt emotions that each of us has experiences on a daily basis. But, instead of accepting them, a lot of us perceive them as ‘negative emotions’ and tend to push them away by indulging in activities that might help divert our attention. Some bury themselves in work and get so busy that they don’t have time to think of anything else, while some others look to parties, friends, movie nights etc., and hope that this will do the trick. But the fact remains that, emotions, both positive and negative, often help us understand the world better.

The most important fact that one must understand is that there are no right or wrong emotions. Different people react differently to situations; it doesn’t mean that their reactions are wrong. “Thoughts, feelings and behaviour are interrelated and should not be treated lightly,” says Dr Srikanth Acharya, a clinical psychologist in the city. “It is not possible for everyone to achieve everything in life and failure isn’t a setback, rather it should be perceived as a stepping stone. You need to accept yourself first, only then will the society accept you,” he further adds.

People tend to sacrifice their desires for a lot of things, family and society being the major reasons. But, there is an extent to which one can do this. After a point of time, these unfulfilled desires tend to weigh on them, resulting in depressions, unhealthy weight gain or loss, poor performance, sudden outburst of emotions and sometimes even suicides. Only an emotionally healthy person can live up to his full potential. It affects a person’s productivity, physical health and their image in society. Accepting yourself and your emotions, confidently expressing yourself in front of others is an excellent way to maintain good health. When something is bothering you, just say it. Waiting for someone to guess and then avoid doing it is expecting too much. Similarly, staying positive, meditation, finding a healthy balance between personal and professional life all aid to overall mental health.