Efforts to make Jawaharnagar dumpyard green space launched

The vegetation layer at the Jawaharnagar dumpyard, which is in its final stage of capping works.

Hyderabad: History is in the making in the city with work beginning on making the Jawaharnagar dumpyard a green space. An eyesore till recently, the very look of the dumpyard is all set to change with vegetation layer works being launched.

The vegetation, which is the final stage of the capping works, will obliterate from sight the heaps of garbage that has accumulated at the site over the years.

GHMC commenced the seven-layer capping works covering 130 acres at the Jawaharnagar dumpyard in March last year. Accordingly, save for a portion of the garbage heap, the rest of the 130 acres have been covered with seven different layers, including waste shifting, bottom soil, profiling, geo-synthetic clay liner, HDPE liners, geo-composite liner, top soil and now, vegetation.

Grass planting
As part of the vegetation layering, grass is being planted since about a month. Already 26 acres out of the 130 acres have been covered. At present, grass and bushes are being planted and this will be followed with flowering plants in the next phase, GHMC executive engineer Srinivas Reddy said.

The first layer was completed with a one-foot thick soil capping on the garbage site in June last year. Nearly 4.5 lakh tonnes of soil were used to cover the garbage with a single layer. This was followed with green nets covering the soil layer to arrest erosion due to water flow downstream. The idea was to minimize soil erosion and seepage of water beneath into the garbage dump.

The State government has set a schedule for completing all the layers works. Though behind schedule, the rest of the layers were laid recently. There was a delay in arrival of a few materials, including liner layers from abroad, hence the works got a bit delayed, officials said, adding that since the protective layer (sixth layer) was in place, there would be no scope of seepage of water beneath.