Tuesday, June 22, 2021


Editorial: Address vaccine shortage

The Centre should procure the vaccines centrally and give the States operational flexibility

Editorial: Global help pours in for India

The war on a global pandemic can be fought only with the help of a coordinated global response

Editorial: India’s options in Myanmar

The five-point consensus reached by Asean on Myanmar can form an ideal framework for the way forward

Editorial: India’s recovery derails

Rising unemployment and plunging demand have once again turned the spotlight on the gloomy urban economy

Editorial: Free vaccines for all

A national vaccination policy designed to step up coverage without burdening anyone is essential

Editorial: Gasping for breath

Oxygen crisis has exposed systemic lacunae in the management of a crucial component of healthcare

Exodus 2.0

The Centre, which had last year announced a stimulus for the migrants, is silent on the current emergency

Rhetoric with no road map

Modi’s address appeared like yet another event management exercise, a favourite trope of the present leadership

Late yet welcome moves

The government must let markets and the private sector play a larger role in vaccination strategy

Choose bipartisan approach

The NDA govt must listen to former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to tide over the Covid crisis

A burning problem

Local communities can play a better role in the prevention of forest fires

Smothering dissent

It is time the Executive was made accountable for wrongful application of harsh laws against the critics of the government

Endgame in Afghanistan

India needs to reposition its priorities and reach out to the moderate sections within the Taliban

Delayed move

Govt must now work out a mutually agreeable pricing and procurement strategy for a smooth rollout of the foreign vaccines

Vanishing jobs, broken dreams

Last year's hasty and unplanned lockdown had already led to massive job losses across the sectors and a repeat must be avoided at all costs

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