Echoing the ethos of dominant civilisations


Seated on a chair with a pair of eyes fixed at an illusory point on a plain white wall, a mind loses its sense of time and morphs past the wall to enter another dimension of mirage, aided by a lifetime of unforeseen events that happened in the Amazon Jungle.

That dimension is far removed from the uproar of traffic and excessive turmoil of our prevailing civilisation, that it allows the mind to only perceive hooting birds, racketing insects and echoing animals. It is filled with crisp air making it easier for human nostrils to breathe and nursing the mind so it feels more connected with nature.

The trees residing in that jungle transmit messages with other species by establishing uninterrupted channels of communication among all the living beings of the region. They foster awareness in the mind and extend to it the chance to be fully synchronised with Mother Earth.

Being in such a peaceful environment can certainly make us question why we are building our civilisations at the expense of destroying nature. Are we really developing our nations, or just demolishing our world by the imprudent construction of “cosmopolitan cities”, marking the importance of human achievement?

We think we know it all and let our ego, fear, pride and anger guide us into manifesting a mindset that is doomed by greed. Our longing for power and superior status has led us to forget our real purpose in life. We have become ignorant and are free-falling inside a bottomless hole; we have dug for ourselves in this illusionary world.

We rely on our material possessions and the dimensions of our houses to impress others. They aid construction of our image of being superior to others. We believe that we’re the most intelligent beings in this world and think we know everything about what’s happening in it, because of how well-versed we are in the current political scenario and all the other news relating to the contemporary global situation. We like to argue to prove others are wrong, so we can feel better about ourselves.

Society has trained our minds to deem that knowing more than others is what maintains our supremacy in this world. The pity in our souls evoked by seeing the helpless around us, assures us that we need to predominate in the world. We tell ourselves that we have procured an imperishable milestone because of how much capital we have stacked in our bank accounts. This frame of mind characterises our existence in the world we have fabricated for ourselves.

It is painful for us to consider that we could ever be wrong because of how gravely immersed we are in our own vanity. Our fabrications have led us to forget the true purpose of human existence.

We lack devotion to growing in love and compassion, for acknowledging the importance of family, for assimilating our duty to be kind and forgiving towards our fellow brothers and sisters.

Living in peace and harmony with others taxes our hearts, as they have stopped beating for anyone but our venal selves. We are not able to recognise the sublimity of Mother Nature and the ingenious eco-systems sheltered by her.

Dream Beyond Shadows is Kartikeya Ladha’s first book on his American dream of building a life in New York City to follow an enigmatic inner voice and embrace an unknown path, which goes on to occasion a life-changing journey in Peru, South America.

In pursuit of this truth, the writer renounces his American dream to embark upon a journey to Peru, South America. During his odyssey he followed his calling to the depths of the Amazon Jungle and there he visited a shaman, and experienced the mystical healing powers of Ayahuasca, which launched him on a quest to uncover the deep-rooted purpose of his life, and inspired him to tell this story and serve his duty as a Messenger of the Jungle.

This story does not derive from the writer’s imagination but from the writer’s actual experience, which has given him the opportunity to breathe freely for every second of his life, regardless of how deplorable a situation is.

Tasting real freedom, even for a second, makes life worth living. This story is not an attempt to craft intellectual discussion, or to prove a point, nor to show others what inspired the writer to narrate the story.

It is solely written for the seekers of this world, who need an affirmation that it is possible to discover their true path in life and then create their own reality based on their truth as distinct from being controlled by a never-ending circle of desires.

The writer realised that the only way for him to find his true purpose in life was to completely surrender himself to this world and begin the process of cleansing the accumulated rubbish from his being. Only when he’d freed himself from this world’s conditioning and futile societal beliefs, could he begin to relearn the realities of life and remove himself from the delusions we have all been socialised to be a part of, delusions that force us to deny the possibility that something mightier and more vigorous than us could exist in this world. Delusions that stop us from composing a life beyond the measures of normalcy and keep us oblivious of the possibility that other reality could exist in this abstruse totality.

Title: Dream Beyond Shadows

Author: Kartikeya Ladha 

Publisher: White Falcon Publishing;

Pages: 280

Price:  Rs 399