Eat healthy even when you are broke

Eat healthy

One misconception about eating healthy is that anything healthy is expensive and not tasty. But, it’s not the case for every kind of food. There are ways and foods that you can eat without disturbing your budget. Allow yourself to be enlightened with this compilation of budget-friendly health tips.

Seasonal food

According to the season, do a small research on what are the seasonal produces. They will not just be fresher and healthier, but also cheaper. For instance, mangoes are available everywhere during this month, so they will come for cheaper prices.

Eat healthyNo leftovers

Especially during summer and monsoon, we need to be careful while consuming leftover food. Firstly, if you are running out of money, make sure you cook only adequate amount of food. Secondly, if there’s leftover, reinvent them. Say no to waste!

Buy in bulk

Don’t be under the impression that the lesser you buy, the fresher and healthier it will be. Dry fruits and vegetables are a few food items that can have longer shelf-life if stored properly. Buying them in bulk will also help you save some money.

Alternative to organic food

Anything that comes with organic label is expensive, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the stuff is not healthy. Try to avoid processed and frozen foods, while you also take a note to wash and peel fruits and vegetables well. Vinegar or baking soda mixed with water is a great way to wash fruits and vegetables in order to remove pesticides.