Make these earrings a part of your jewellery collection

Jewellery Collection

Earrings add an air of elegance to a woman’s attire and complete her look. So, it’s good to make a few fashionable earrings a part of your collection. But, most importantly, you also should know what you should pair them with. The earrings that you wore during your childhood days may no longer look good.

One should always keep themselves updated with the latest trends. And being college students will definitely give you an edge over the others. This is the time you can experiment with your looks to the fullest. So, here are a few must-have earrings to flaunt.

Cuff earrings
Cuff earrings are topping every young fashionista’s list. These are the best options for college girls as they go well with all kinds of outfits. A city-based jewellery designer, Shravani Mittapalli says that the current trend is all about cuff earrings. “Students usually prefer them over anything else,” she adds. Shravani mentions that earrings that go from the first hole to the last hole are the most wanted ones. “These can always be worn on-ear as well to make it look different and stylish,” she adds.

Filigree earrings
These eye-catchy and fanciful earrings are available in different colours and shapes. One should always pair them with a maxi dress or a long skirt. Girls with long necks should definitely give them a try as they suit them perfectly well. Apart from the skirts and maxis, one can also pair them with denim to nail that stylish look. Filigree earrings are usually available on bigger size so one should be careful, while opting for them.

Honoured cross earrings
Cross earrings have been in trend for a long time now. Any college-going student should opt for them, if they are looking out for something different. One can always pair them with any casual outfit and look stunning. They are available in all sizes and one has a wide variety to choose from as per their comfort. These earrings can be head-turners, if opted in the right way.