E-learning: Adaptive way to learn


It is a very old saying, “The only thing constant in this world is change”, and they say change is inevitable. This is true in all aspects of the changing facets of the education system. The scenario has moved leaps and bounds. With technological advancement, education has taken a 360-degree turn and revamped its structure. The old techniques used once have now taken altogether a new dimension and that is the digital medium. A student in his or her senior class has immense pressure of performing well in the exam. A suitable career so that he has a comfortable life ahead is what every parent dream of for their children. These days admission in our country is through two mediums:

a. Merit-based
b. Entrance-based

Merit-based admission in a university like Delhi University, Panjab University and so on. Students slog themselves every day to get that meritorious percentage which gets them the admission in prestigious universities and colleges.

The entire day they spend either at school or at tuition centres, leaving very limited time for themselves. Stephen Covey in his book said that it is very important to have “METIME”, but the question is how to get it.

Entrance-based on the other hand demands a lot of practice and mentorship from the best. It requires a lot of speed building and exposure. In this ultra-competitive world, a student is required to prepare for both merit-based as well as entrance-based options.

In all hustle bustle one thing in which most of the students’ struggle is time management. One of the most important questions arises is how to manage time and reduce this unnecessary stress. The answer to this question is e-learning.

As per a recent report released by KPMG India and Google, Online Education in India: 2021, the market for online education in India is expected to witness a magnificent growth of eight times in the three years. As per a recent report released by KPMG India and Google, Online Education in India: 2021, the market for online education in India is expected to witness a magnificent growth of eight times in the next three years. With the development of technology, India has witnessed an enhanced acceptance of online education over a period of a few years.
Many students have joined different e-learning platforms in the past few years in order to enhance their skills. And, looking at trends, the number of people adopting online education platforms is expected to increase significantly in the near future.

Online education: A need of the hour

As per the KPMG report, there are many reasons why students are moving towards E-learning/online education. Online learning provides the student with ease of learning. The following can be the main reasons for this major shift in the learning style of the students:

a. Increase in the number of Internet Users: India has an internet penetration of about 31 % today. As more and more population is youth and Tech-savvy, they find it easy and internet accessible to study as per their convenience.

b. Smartphone usage: It’s an egalitarian thought that online classes require a huge setup. These days owning a smartphone is not difficult. Therefore it has become easy to access the online class as it just requires simple software and in many cases not even that.

c. Flexible time: The classes are conducted as per the convenience of the students, which help them to multi-task with other personal commitments.

Children today need to get into the spirit of competition early on in the stage of preparation for the entrance examinations. So, preparing young minds early on can prove extremely beneficial for them. The parents need to decide whether they want to provide their child an opportunity to learn at his own pace and also have some time for extracurricular activities in order to score a good percentage for a good college and also spare.
Putting some level of dedication and managing time gradually decreases the pressure subsequently, and this is where online classes come into the picture. The dedication and perseverance remain the key pillars of it as well. The highly dedicated faculty tries to deliver the students an immersive experience bridging the gap. It makes the student feel that he/she is studying face to face.
The benefits of the online classes are

a. complete flexibility: The course and the timing provide complete flexibility according to the students. We keep the time slots as per the requirement of the students. Complete accessibility of the e-lectures and course material gives them ease of learning and also the freedom to plan the day accordingly.

b. Time saver: The biggest hindrance today is conveyance. This removes the problem of travel and saves time. This saved time can be used in various other priorities of the day.

c. Trained from the best: The highlight of the online learning product is that you are coached and mentored by the experts. The highly qualified mentors train all the students which at times can become a problem in classroom teaching due to the same problem of conveyance.

d. Customise your pace of Learning: The online class allows learning at your own pace. It gives you the freedom to learn and review time and again any number of times. The technology has its own benefits till the time we use it wisely. We can excel and grow if we use it carefully and can have a rewarding career.

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