Drape it in your style


You can outgrow jeans, a dress, or even a skirt, but a sari is forever. Even after many years, you will find your sari as beautiful as the day you bought it. So, to promote the usage of sari which will last forever, Nikaytaa, founder of The Indian Draping Co, visited Hyderabad.

Collaborating with Mrinalini Shastry who runs the sari brand 6 Yards Plus, Nikaytaa conducted a seminar at Phoenix Arena on the usage of saris, followed by a workshop. As there exists a drape for each and every region, which even differs on special occasions, Nikaytaa taught five different styles of sari-draping in her workshop. Women in the workshop actively took part and enjoyed learning the drapes. They experienced the different drapes with history narrated by the tutor. “The sari is one of the most versatile, unique and sustainable garments of the world. One can drape the sari as a gown, a dress or even a pair of pants using knots and pleats,” says Nikaytaa, a sari anthropologist.Drape it in your style

Born and brought up in Pune, her interest started when she was gifted a huge number of saris post her wedding. She learnt the regular drape called ‘Nivi drape’, and when she went to her in-laws’ place to perform pujas, she found out that she has to drape her sari in a Bengali style.

“That’s when I realised a number of drapes exist and I started researching different styles of sari drapes. The nivi drape is just a hundred years old, but we have a history of more than 2,500 years old,” says Nkiyataa.

The nivi drape remains popular today as it gives sari an easy and feminine appeal. This style was popularised by Gyandodabondini Tagore, a pioneer in the women’s empowerment movement in Bengal, when she chanced upon the Parsi style of draping a sari during her travels. She reflected the style with petticoat instead of pants and made the style popular.

However, in current times, we see sari has been pushed into the nooks of women’s wardrobes.

Through her workshops, she has been trying to get people to subscribe to the idea of wearing a sari as a regular garment and not just on special occasions. She is also looking forward to break the stereotypes where men can’t choose all the colours and garments.

There is another session of 6 Yards Plus today, for those who missed on July 19, at Evolution Contemporary Arts in Punjagutta at 3 pm. For details, call 9949077784.