Do some fashionable puddle-jumping

Rubber Boots

Rubber boots are the go to accessory during monsoon. They are not only durable but also trendy, helping you combat the monsoon blues in style.

Experiment with boots
While solid colour boots can go with almost any outfit you pick, do not restrict yourself to that. Go for different colours, prints, and the lengths to devise a unique style of your own.

Jeans is our staple outfit which we fearlessly experiment with. Pair it up with rubber boots to look chic. However, ensure that they complement each other. For vibrant, printed boots, go for single coloured, simple jeans. Ripped jeans will look smashing with solid coloured boots.

Shorts, dresses & skirts
All those cute and sexy dresses that you accumulated for the summer can come in handy during monsoon too. Go for different kinds of skirts from pencil cut to maxi skirt. Pair them up with rubber boots and look hip while you keep your legs clean and away from all the mud splashing.

Want to look sultry against the season’s chill? Stocking is your answer. Pair it up with short dresses or long tops and walk out in confident strides. This trend has stood the test of time and is hence, undisputedly here to stay.

Trench coats
A water-proof trench coat will not only keep you dry and warm but also fabulously in vogue. You can wear it over dresses and skirts to nail the edgy look. Just make sure the trench coat, dress and boots together won’t look too loud.