Saturday, June 5, 2021

Did you know Tomato Ketchup was once used as Medicine?

Tomato Ketchup is and, for a long time, has been one of the leading condiments all over the world. In the year 2019, the revenue from ketchup amounts to approximately US $19,942 million worldwide.

Ketchup is loved and used by many people all over the world for various purposes, mainly related to food. Most doctors today would tell you to stay away from it due the health hazards that it poses, but, 150 years ago, they would have prescribed it for you.

Ketchup CornerYes, that’s right, tomato ketchup was once believed to have medicinal properties and was used as a form of medication to cure diarrhoea, indigestion, rheumatism and jaundice. In 1834, Dr John Cooke Bennett added tomatoes to ketchup and claimed that it could cure the above-mentioned diseases. This led to a 15-year-period during which tomato sauce and other related products were sold as a form of medication.

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