Destination for inner peace

inner peace
Photos By: Viral Buddh

If you are looking for inner peace with serene beauty to have a break from hustle and bustle of city, Jagannath Temple is one place you must visit. Positive vibes and tranquility help me to connect to supreme one and attract me to Jagannath Temple quite frequently. Temple lies in middle of city, surrounding busy roads; but as soon as you enter, it’s a completely different world. Feeding birds, walking around temple, feeling carvings and grandeur of architecture, fragrance of essence sticks and kapur, chanting of mantras and sound of temple bells make me sit at temple stairs for hours.

Viral Buddh is a finance professional working with Franklin Templeton Investments and a passionate photographer. His photography interests include capturing magnificent architectures, human faces and their emotions, reflections of city lifestyle. He aims to unearth the beauty of the world through his camera lenses and spread happiness and positivity.

Viral Buddh

Camera: Nikon D3300
Season: Winter
Shot on: 19 November