Demi Lovato post rehab

Demi Lovato
Photo: Instagram

Singer Demi Lovato celebrated Pride Month at a club. Maintaining her hard-earned sobriety post-rehab, the singer partied with energy drink and water.On June 9, Lovato posted a series of Instagram stories where she can be seen partying at a club. One of the stories features the singer sipping on a Red Bull and in another story she zooms in on a water bottle.

“Happy Pride B*****s!” she wrote on her Instagram story.The celebrations come almost a year after the American singer was hospitalised for a near-fatal drug overdose on July 24. The singer reportedly checked into a treatment facility on her own in March this year.

Lovato, who has battled addiction, mental illness, and eating disorder for nearly five years, first broke her silence regarding her overdose on August 5, reported People. She remained in a treatment facility until November.

In February, reports began circulating that Lovato had relapsed and re-entered a treatment facility. However, a source close to the artist told that the rumours were not true, but confirmed that Lovato did choose to check into a treatment facility on her own to work on her health.