Delta app is India’s first networking space for LGBTQ community

Delta app
Source: Twitter

There is discrimination, societal pressure, fear of prosecution and lack of support attacking people who belong to LGBTQ community from every corner. And it is a huge task even to find a group of gay people to hang out peacefully without any fear of extortion or blackmail.

Taking all these points into consideration, Ishaan Sethi from Delhi creates a space where like-minded people can not only bond but also address issues faced by those who identify themselves as LGBTQ.

Delta addresses very important issues that range from security to providing resources. Though there are many dating and community apps out there, there is always that security concern that keeps bothering users, and it is the same security issue that forces LGBTQ to be extra cautious.

Sethi, who has faced a lot discrimination himself, hopes to bring a change through his Delta app.