Delight for some, dismay for others


The days blurred into weeks, then months. Now, almost six months later, the pandemic still rages, and the work from home arrangement that started as a temporary fix is set to continue in many companies, to the delight of some and dismay of others.

The old normal has given way to the new and WFH, an acronym that was born in the lockdown and quickly became part of everyday lexicon, is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future.

It works for some and not for others, longing to get back to life as it was. Finance analyst Rishabh Maheshwari is saving on four hours of commute from his home in Gurgaon to his office in Noida. He has been using the extra hours to work out, and also prepare for a certification exam later in the year.

“I am getting more things done in a day, thanks to work from home. It has allowed me to be flexible with my time. My productivity at work too has increased. I would like if the choice to work from home is flexible even after the pandemic,” Maheshwari said.

For Anshika Mehta, however, the charm has worn off. “The initial lockdown phase allowed me to explore my culinary skills and keep in touch with my creative side. But it has been six months. All days are the same. I am really looking forward to joining back and being able to say, ‘Thank God it’s Friday’ at the end of a work week,” the 32-year-old Gurgaon-based corporate communications professional said.

After testing the sustainability of work for home for the past few months, many companies have decided to make “partial or full work from home a permanent feature for certain roles/teams”.