Deadpool 2 Hindi dialogues leave the audiences in splits

Deadpool 2

How would you rate dubbed versions of movies for their (hilarious) attempts? They are, almost always, rib-tickling — when it comes to the language they use and the dialogues they deliver.

We have not only been watching Telugu and Tamil movies dubbed into Hindi but also famous Hollywood flicks. Be it the voice of actors, songs or the accent, if you have already watched the original version, then, you will understand the plight of watching the dubbed versions and witnessing the unwanted changes.Well, adding to the list is the Hindi dubbed version of Deadpool 2. The trailer is a fun watch and you cannot stop yourself from laughing out loud even if you are sitting amongst people.

The dialogues include Swachhta Abhiyan and a few other all-time trending topics in the country/world but the way they were delivered sound unimaginably funny.Though the dubbed versions mostly sound weird, the attempt to reach out to the people, who cannot watch them in the original language, is highly appreciable. Dubs might be the only way to introduce people to world cinema, but, it is also necessary to not lose the essence of original movies after they are dubbed.

Now, it is high time to focus more on dialogue writing and dubbing artistes to maintain the standard of finely-crafted movies. After all, the country has no dearth of talent.