Cyclops’ one determined leader


X-men aficionados, prepare for impact as there is a new line-up of mutants who will hunt down the most dangerous X-villains. The cover of the latest comic book X-Men Disassembled circulating on Twitter allude to a brand new team put together by Cyclops and Wolverine who will take on their enemies such as Magneto, Apocalypse, Dark Beast, Omega Red, Mystique, and Cassandra Nova.

From the looks of the cover, Cyclops is resurrected and back in his iconic uniform armed with a grim determination to root out X-Men’s enemies.

Although, popular mainstays Jean Grey, Rogue, Storm, Kitty Pryde, Psylocke among others are MIA; a surprising addition in the new line-up is mutants Magik, Mirage and Wolfsbane who will be seen in the upcoming movie next year.

The idea of taking out known threats to the mutant community is usually the modus operandi of the clandestine X-Force, but this time, the fight is going to be doubly intense from the looks of its mutant leader. One user Darren Alejos pointed out, “An interesting Uncanny X-Men line-up. None of these characters seem to appear in the Age of X-Man books which are coming out at the same time so…something is up. Another was very happy with Cyclops’ return. User Joe Glass posted, “Are people really mad about the new Uncanny X-Men news, based off cover reveals and a tiny solicit copy? I mean come on! Cyclops is back! This has been so needed for so long, that alone makes this awesome news!.”