The Japanese Chin is a prized companion


Japanese Chin is a dog breed which hails from Asia. These dogs are small, yet solidly built. These babies are perfect for apartments as they are not very outgoing. They are fun, interesting dogs. Well, if you want to bring a Japanese Chin home, you might want to know little more about them.

So, here are a few interesting points about these stylish chins:

Royal aura

Previously, these tiny dogs used to be the possessions of only the rich. The history of Chin can be found within royal courts in both China and Japan. Well, when you get yourself a Japanese Chin, you might might still see these traits in them. They expect to be treated royally and cater to their whims.

Apartment buddy

As mentioned above, Chins are perfect for your small apartments. They adapt well to any living situation. They are loving and long for human companionship. So, drop outdoor kennel ideas for your Chins.

Easily bored

Chins get easily bored if you continue with the same training programmes. They look for constant change and entertainment. If you fail to do so, they find their own ways. And for this reason, it is difficult to train them at home. One has to be persistent to make these dogs learn and indulge them in training.

Happy dog

Chins are happy dogs and because of their tiny size, they will be great companions for older children, and also other pets like cats. But, be careful if you have toddlers, they might accidentally hurt these dogs as they are very small.

Sensitive fellow

The personality of the dog depends on the owners and the home. If s/he is in a sober and quiet house, s/he becomes reserved and silent. This dog has the ability to catch the emotions pretty fast. So, take your pet into consideration before you end up doing something unpleasant in front of him/her.

Yes, your decision to get this fun-loving and charming dog will turn out to be the best decision you’ve ever taken!