Crime rate has gone down in Telangana: DGP

Anurag Sharma
File Photo: Telangana DGP Anurag Sharma

Hyderabad: Since the formation of Telangana state in June 2014, the crime rate has shown a downward trend, State Director General of Police Anurag Sharma said on Thursday.

He said the activities of Left Wing Extremists in the state are under effective check due to firm police action.

“Their (Maoists) presence is very less…recruitment is also low. We will not allow them to make a comeback,” he said.

The Telangana State Committee of CPI (Maoist) is operating with three district committees having around 92 cadres, he said.

He further said that several youths, who got attracted towards the anti-national activities through social media, were counselled.

On arrest of eight persons by NIA in connection with the Hyderabad ISIS module case, Sharma said “with coordination of other state and Central agencies, we have helped in cracking terror modules and arresting several operatives.” He said 12,281 cases of crimes against women were recorded this year as compared to 13,446 cases last year.

There is a marginal increase of rape cases to 1,138 from 1,117 last year, the DGP said, adding that there is a significant decrease in the incidences of murder for gain, burglaries and ordinary thefts.

However, there is an increase of robbery incidences from 361 to 594, owing to registration of cases of chain snatching under robbery, where victims suffered physical injuries, he said.

The economic offences increased by 9.37 per cent with 7,987 cases reported in 2016 as compared to 7,303 cases in 2015, while cheating cases increased by 8.66 per cent to 7,338 cases as against 6,753 last year.

Similarly, counterfeit currency cases increased as 49 cases were reported this year as against 38 last year and also 21 bank theft cases were reported as against 18 in 2015, the DGP said.

Sharma said investigation is still going on with regard to slain gangster Nayeemuddin and they have registered 175 cases and arrested 124 persons (Nayeemuddin’s gang members) so far in this regard.


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