Saturday, October 16, 2021


Astroculture: Mars and beyond  

With the sensational exploits of the Mars rover, space reinscribes itself on our minds

Key criteria to check before applying for Master’s programme in US

Some institutions in the US do offer financial support to international students

Reliance Vs Amazon for ‘FUTURE’

The battle between Reliance and Amazon with the Future Group’s assets as the prize promises a nail-biting finish

Are you digitally ready?

It is vital for all of us to know how to use online tools appropriately and effectively

Destination Mars

With NASA’s rover landing on Mars and spacecraft from the UAE and China entering its orbit, the Red Planet comes under human microscope

Five steps to higher education in US

Follow these steps before applying for master’s programme

The Uttarakhand Ultimatum!

Yet another environmental disaster points to the perils of human-caused climate change as we hurtle closer towards an irretrievable crisis

How to get benefit from EducationUSA

It's a network of more than 400 advising centers in 170+ countries

Nagoba Jatara: Worshipping an ancient serpent at Keslapur

Nagoba Jatara is an annual fair of Gond, Pradhan tribes of Telangana

Here’s how you can deal with cyberbullying

Online abuse may result in emotional and physical stress

Myanmar coup: Democracy stares into the abyss

A military coup that overturns a landslide victory for Suu Kyi could reignite one of the longest civil conflicts in the world

No Nuclear

The first-ever nuclear weapons ban treaty is groundbreaking, even though the nuclear powers haven’t signed  

I know what you did

With major technology companies collecting our data, are we sacrificing our privacy at the altar of convenience?

Finding the right law programme

JD programmes longest in duration among the available options

Keep cyber fraudsters at bay

Cybercriminals are more advanced than companies and are developing new, ingenious methods to hack into systems

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